This is the sixth article of the series Lotto Lies. Lottery is a very popular game for people worldwide. It's fun, exciting and easy to play, and if there was a responsible, it is cheap and will not cause economic harm to the game. So when someone asks me the best advice Lottery, tell them to play the lottery for fun and entertainment.
Play the lottery is a personal choice, and I have no problem with those who want to play. However, I feel like the reason that some people should play. That is why I have Lotto Lie # 6 rows. Lotto Lie # 6 is a lie the people themselves give.
Lotto Lie # 6 – I do not play the lottery because it is a game of chance.
Pleeeease Ooooh!
Now, if someone has risk because the deep, sincere religion, I'm fine, even on their decision. But many times, I feel that these statements are people who think they are somehow better and apply for betting on any moral ground. The fact is, it's so out of touch with reality, I do not understand even lie to themselves.
Morally superior Checklist
Here is a partial checklist that you can help yourself to distinguish proclaimed moralist for real true believer.
# 1: Do you need to join the IRA or retirement investment plan through his employer? Here who spend most of their income and the choice of investment funds to invest in. Many people can not even tell you what the fund of their money if they sign, it is unlikely to have seen the prospectus. Hope is, as for most of us, that the Fund is good, but there is no guarantee.
# 2: invest in stocks or bonds? Many people in discretionary income and purchasing stocks and bonds and as protection against inflation. Some do it because they are advertising themselves as the next Warren Buffet, and we plan to make the murder of Wall Street. Regardless of the motives and illusions, there are no guarantees.
# 3: Is buying gold and other precious metals and protect against inflation? This is a highly recommended strategy, and whether the resources should do so. But like all things, the prices go up and prices come down. There are no guarantees.
# 4: Have insurance? Now, I see. In life, health insurance, disability insurance law, home owners insurance, Fire Insurance, Flood Insurance, Earthquake Insurance, subsidence insurance, car insurance renter insurance Boat owner, insurance companies, etc. In fact, you will find a short list of Wikipedia has 76 different insurance policies. Insurance is a bit different, though. Insurance, money for everything we do, hopefully will not happen. But there is no guarantee that it is not.
# 5: Do you buy that home or investment property? Anyone who has ever done this, he expressed the hope that the property price increase, not down. As the housing crisis discontent, how many people have to gamble paid dividends; prices go up and prices come down. There are no guarantees.
Gaming means no guarantee
Insurance Actuaries can not tell you what is likely to have an accident on their way to work, if you live in Slippery Rock, Arkansas. Therefore, you should always go to work in gaming. You play when you go to a Super Market. Is your meat footprint? We live in a world that is full of risks and the risk you're gambling. Every time the money does not guarantee you're gambling.
For those who are converted to believing that they have bet on the moral high ground because they do not Gamble, thank you, we are not under contract. Get your car insured, the insured to drive back home to see what the IRA does, check out my portfolio and holding pat yourself on the back of the moral strength not to play the lottery. But spare us the lecture. Please spare us the moral platitudes.
So if you play the lottery, Lottery best advice I can give anyone is to have fun, enjoy the game and use the best Lottery Software can be found.
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