World of Warcraft is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games today. As a gamer of this great game, you know that gold is essential in order for you to purchase items that will make your character stronger, which will enable you to level up faster.

However, earning gold can be very hard and time consuming.

Enlarging the bag is one of the most neglected strategies in World of Warcraft. This could cost you if you don’t do this early on in the game. Imagine killing a monster that drops a very valuable and rare item. When you tried to pick it up, you find out that your bag is already full. What’s worse is that you can’t drop or discard any items in your bag as the items stored are also very important.

This is just one of the reasons why you need to enlarge your bags as early in the game as possible, especially on your first 10 levels.

There are several ways to do this but you may want to start with the cheapest and quickest way first.

If you have a guild or a friend playing the World of Warcraft, they can help you out. If you can, try finding a friendly tailor. You may need to farm for some materials for the bag and the tailor will help you out with the materials needed. After getting the materials needed to make a bag, the tailor can fabricate it for you. Tailors can make almost any bags in the game except for those special bags from special drops. If you can’t find any tailor, use the tradechat feature to find one. Here, there is a good chance that you can find one that will be willing to make you the bag you need for a good tip

You may also want to do quests early on and kill mobs or monsters in transit. Usually, humanoid mobs often drop linen cloth, which can be made in to a bag. In some quests, you can find some bags. At Wharf Master at Rachet, you can find an Old Moneybag that has 6 slots.

At Captain Sander’s Hidden Treasure, you can find Captain Sander’s Booty Bag at Westfall. You can also try digging through the ooze in the Wetlands, which will get you a 10 slot bag or get a sturdy lunchbox, which has 12 slots.

If all else fails, you can just buy a bag in the Auction House. Here, you will find plenty of different types of bags. Try finding the best deals here as bags are highly in demand. If you have an Auctioneer add-on, you will be able to survey the field and find when the supply is high and demand is low. With patience, you can find a bag that you can use on your quests to store rare and important items at a very fair price.

By enlarging your bag, you can be sure that you will be able to save time and maximize profit in the game. With a large bag, it is very unlikely that you will need to get rid of an item in order to make room for another. This can really give you plenty of profit and really earn gold in the game for your character to use.

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