Silver has tried to grab a winning lottery ticket from an old man in his apartment, but the old man throws the ticket out the window instead of letting Silver get it. It falls into the sewers, where it stick to the bottom of Michaelangelo’s foot as he walks by. He finds it later on and realizes that it’s the winning ticket. His mind (and the rest of the Turtles) becomes filled with things he can get with the money. Silver hears Michaelangelo yelling for joy and realizes that he has the winning ticket. Silver sets off the Turtle’s parameter alarm so they go to investigate who is in the sewers. Silver says that the lottery ticket belongs to him, since the old man probably wouldn’t be around long enough to enjoy the money. The Turtles try to battle the gang, but Silver gets the lottery ticket back anyway. The Turtles return to the lair defeated and Splinter demands what was going on. Splinter tells Michaelangelo that he can never claim the winning ticket because it would expose himself, and to let Silver keep the ticket. The Turtles decide that they are going to steal the ticket back from Silver. They go to Silver’s hideout in Central Park and steal the lottery ticket back. Splinter finds out and he’s very upset with the Turtles. So Michaelangelo sneaks back into the old man’s apartment and returns his lottery ticket.



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