NY LOTTO. Pick 3 evening number is 753. December 18th 2010. Past winning numbers: www.nylottery.org Now play Lucky Sum and win a prize if the sum of your numbers matches the sum of the numbers drawn! Here’s how! Go to your New York Lottery retailer, and tell him your three lucky numbers and that you want to play New York Daily Numbers. Be sure to tell him the drawing you want to play: Midday and/or Evening. If you do not, the Lottery terminal will automatically pick the next available drawing. It’s as easy as that. Or use a playcard. Each playcard has 4 games. You may play 1, 2, 3, or 4 games. Select three digits (numbers) in each game you want For each game played, select a wager type: straight, box, straight/ box, or combination. Ask your retailer for a Numbers brochure for an explanation of wager types or go to our Odds section for more details. For each game played, select an amount to wager: 50¢ or $1.00. note: straight/ box must select 50¢ wager amount for total cost of $1.00 (50¢ for straight/ 50¢ for box). If you want to play more than one ticket per game panel, select the number of tickets. Don’t forget to tell the retailer Midday or Evening drawing. For a single play, no mark is required. You can play up to ten tickets per game panel. If you want to play for more than one day, select a number of days and tell your Lottery retailer if you want to play Midday only, Evening only or both daily draws each day of advance play. You will receive one ticket for Midday