The first thing to decide where in the Ohio lottery is a lottery to play. Many people want to go to the big ticket Win Mega Millions, but in reality it is unrealistic to believe that you have the slightest chance to win this game. It is true that there are winners, but should also be aware that Mega Millions is a multi-state game and is a multi-game situation allows large amounts of players. Thus, even if the probability of winning is only 1 175 million, which will continue to see the winners and I think that is possible. So the first step in the Ohio lottery strategy to avoid the Mega Millions. Another step would be to choose a game that offers good pay and a good victory. Ohio, the choice is easy, the only game they reach compared Jackpot Payment of the right to buy a ticket to a profit opportunity, with an expected price will be Formula Classic Lotto. Now that you know which game, the next trick would be to know what would be the best time to play. The answer is easy. Using the expected value of Formula One we have found that the best time to play the Classic Lotto will be when the jackpot reaches $ 12. 2 million. So now you're probably wondering how all this will increase your chances of winning the lottery. This answer is easy but requires some discipline and control in-house. Save money! If you win money and play when the jackpot is $ 12. 2 million or more, then the rate increases sharply, because rather than buy 1 ticket and the chance to have 1 / 14 million, you can buy 10 tickets odds of 1 / 1 4 million, or 100 tickets at odds of 1 / 140000. It is definitely worth the wait.

Knowing when to play a lottery is the key to winning the lottery. Online Lottery in the strategy, we calculate the best time to play all the big ticket.