If you’re looking to conserve cash on those pricey golf balls there is a method: buy second-hand golf balls for about a quarter of the price that you would shell out for if they were new. Not all second-hand golf balls are produced equal, several are next to flawless and some are horribly smashed. Currently, of course close to- perfect golf balls are going to fetch a higher cost and very scratched golf balls are going to get a lesser price.

Most old golf balls are graded using the A method. Quadruple AAAA’s (also recognized as close to mint) used golf balls are the supreme quality old ball you can purchase. Single A used balls are the most damaged ball you can acquire. These golf balls are wonderful for preparation. In the directory below you can comprehend how each ranking of golf ball is determined. I ought to state that there is no certified used golf ball grading classification this is merely the most ordinary grading classification out there.

Quadruble A’s:

– It is extremely close to a new ball
– Tiny highlighter markings are feasible on the balls
– They are awfully near to a perfect form and are extraordinary class balls
– Not quite faultless with negligible imperfections
– They are constant in color and polish
– The x- out’s and practice balls are not included in this class.

Triple A’s:

– They may well possess a miniature scrape and tiny imperfections.
– Buyers might discover small tanning on various of the balls received.
– They are on par with MINT balls in excellence
– The lone exception found with the MINT balls is that, Triple A balls are bronzed or off in shade
– A golfer can haggle to the greatest extent. They are just what the doctor ordered for the golfer who prefers barely performance and not the cosmetics of the ball.
– They are blemished.
– They seem to be alike to the ones played after 3- 5 holes.
– The face marks will not affect the path, distance or flight course of the ball.
– The x- out’s and practice balls are not included in this type
– No cuts will be found in Triple A golf balls.

Double A’s:

– A playable ball.
– Tremendous for high handicap and designed for a learner.
– It can be best used for the dreaded water hazards
– They retain unimportant imperfections
– Encompass discoloration
– They include flaws similar to deterioration, player markings and other club marks.
– X- out’s and practice balls are included
– They in addition include a few of the Triple A balls and lower grade balls
– Noticeable flaws but still playable.
– It is generally appropriate for green practices.
– This looks like to a ball that was played for 18 holes.

Single A’s:

– They represent the principal fraction of golf balls
– They are designated for personal practice
– They have dye damage, scuffing and club marks
– They do not have any cuts
– They have modest surface blemishes
– They give the impression of being similar to balls that are played after 9 or more holes.
– Not affected by path, distance and boast a fine flight path of the ball
– X- outs and practice balls are not incorporated in the list.


– They contain cuts and are great for river.
– Preordained for target practice
– Have deep surface blemishes and additional marks.
– They are accepted as SHAG ball.
– Include x- out’s and practice balls.

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