Fla. authorities have named a “person of interest” in the disappearance of a man who won $30M in the Fla. lottery and disappeared in 2009. (Jan. 6)



  • @MichaelMelendy

    I respect your beliefs, but I dont share them. To me religion is a form of control. A way to scare and hypnotize the masses. All I know is the here and now and it dont look so good. Every man is responsible for their own actions. You cant blame anything on a higher power when a man has a choice.

  • He gave you life! He took away the things you loved probably because you failed to see that it is HIM you should be loving more than any worldy possession. Its cool man, just pray, he’s listening. Pray to get to know him.

  • Its weird, too little money – we suffer

    TOO MUCH MONEY – we suffer as well

  • Poor guy.

    Some 70 year old or so guy living down my street had a heart attack the day after he won a few million off of the lottery 🙁

  • @lancerhammer:

    I agree with you %100 there but since he managed to share most of his money with friends and friends probably told other people that probably got him killed.

    Hope they find the killer the CURSE of the lottery is so damn much for people to bare.

    To be honest with you i wont be able to withstand having that much money because i would go completely insane.

  • @Pvtjamesryan2:

    Wow dude your sarcasm is full of shit and why the heck are you commenting on every video regarding a black person?

    I do not know if i should be impressed or completely angry at you because you keep making me laugh.

    WOW life goes on when you make funny and racist jokes against the dead and the living.

    Too bad its only the internet. I would love to sink my claws in your flesh.


  • a dead nigger?

    who gives a shit!

  • @MichaelMelendy

    why? hes never done anything for me….only took away everything i ever loved

  • Good advice

  • if you win lottery, just keep it quiet

    if your going to tell spouse, make sure can be trusted

    too much noise about the win is dangerous


  • Oh my gosh she had him murdered! She had a shady past anyway…why not get him to marry you-not kill him!

    He’s dead- no doubt.

  • creepy story

  • I hope they find him. What a shame to win that money and not be able to enjoy it!!!!

  • @chingon711 Those in Christ become one when married and you’d be covenant bustin’ if you carried through with that deceit.
    Just my opinion. No Christian is bound by other than the word of God.
    I kinda agree with your other advice.
    Of course, buying the lottery ticket is not in the picture for me in the first place, so you can even disregard all you just read as relevant to anything.

  • and give 1o percent back to god

  • Here’s a word of advice….If you win the lottery, tell nobody, not even your spouse…Limit your spending…Buy a house and car outright if needed, hire a good doctor and personal trainer, and for goodness sakes get an education with a major in finance.

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