When it comes to lottery, one of the most enjoyable and exciting games that was ever created is the Pick 3 lottery, it is because aside from the fact that it is so easy to play, it is very entertaining to play as well. But for sure it will become extra pleasurable for you to play this lottery game if you hit your three favourite digits correctly and win big. But just like any kind of lottery, Pick 3 is a game of chance and therefore picking the right combination of numbers really depends on the luck. One of the best ways to increase the odds of your winning the Pick 3 lottery, you have to choose three numbers according to the results of the past. This technique of picking the combination is said to be confirmed statistically. But if you really want to win consistently, it is highly advised to use the Pick 3 lotto system – a system that uses two ideas: it is by playing box set form and unmatched numbers. With the combination of these two simple methods, you are on your way to becoming a consistent Pick 3 lottery winner! Let’s talk about the box bets. It is one of the simplest and easiest concepts to play the pick 3 lottery because this method allows you to pick three numbers in a random order, say for instance you chose 1-2-3, and if this combination has been picked, not necessarily in order, you win. This is actually one of the best ways for you to increase your odds of winning in this lottery. Another way to winning the Pick 3 lottery is through playing the unmatched numbers – a method where in the three numbers or digits are different. The reason for this is because two or three similar numbers in one combination rarely wins. Once you know these two basic techniques on how to increase your odds of winning the Pick 3 lottery, you never have to guess or pick your numbers again by combining your lucky numbers, birthdays of your loved ones or your favourite superstitious numbers. For a lot of people though this method is the most common used because they thought by ding so, their odds of winning the lottery will increase and help them win the price. But unfortunately, this does not work since lottery is a game of chance. Aside from applying the two basic methods, it would also help boost your chances of winning if you put into practical use the proven mathematical formulas and laws in probability theory like the “Law of Large Numbers” and the “Poisson Distribution”. Statistics show that using any mathematical formulas may actually increase up to 66% the chance of getting a lot of money for your pocket. However, if your life revolves around the lottery, and that you really care about winning huge amount of money, then you have to choose any combination in Straight Box form. Though your odds in winning in this combination is 1 out of 1000, making it the most difficult to play, you can actually win a lot of money here because it offers one of the maximum payouts.

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