Most every American, both employed and unemployed, has been touched by the financial crisis this country is going through.   From job loss to foreclosures to 401K melt downs, every person is trying to restart their economic future with a new plan that they can control.   The author of “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” has set out an 8-step Ladder to Success plan for financial freedom at http://www. playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers. com/ that begins with a single dollar bill investment. The First ROI (return on investment) of $200 to $5000 will provide FREE MONEY that will first cover the cost of this book, and provide funds for future investments. With the free money, the investor does not have to use any of his/her own money after the first successful return on investment. His smart realistic two-prong money management strategy advises the reader how to best use each successful ROI in order to control his economic future.  With the fifty/fifty split strategy for the free money, the first half is used for reinvestment purposes, and the second half is directed to debt elimination.   Most Americans believe the only way to become rich is by winning the Lottery, namely Mega Millions, Powerball, or State Lotteries with their multi-million dollar jackpots. Unfortunately, these games, which many people turn to during hard times, are UNWINNABLE and are a waste of one’s money.   With odds of 175 million to 1 of winning the Mega Millions, the author focuses on the Pick 4 lottery.   The 10,000 to 1 odds will immediately save the reader money from throwing it at the Powerball and State Lottery.   These dollars can be applied to the winnable Daily 4, Play 4, Win 4, Big 4 from the Texas Lotto to the Florida Lottery. Having done all the research himself over many years, the author clearly lays out very understandable and explained number strategies for all to use.   He shows many examples from the States and Canada (Ontario) that offer these Daily Pick 4 Games.   After studying and learning how to apply the various strategies to find winning numbers on paper, he leaves the reader in control of his investment plan.   With “patience” and “avoidance of greed”, as the author advises, the reader sets out with his own high yield safe investment.   Patience is needed at the beginning when using one’s own out of pocket money to gain the first successful ROI. After that the stress is removed because the investor will be using other people’s money (OPM) for all future investments.   The Book’s motto: “The Best way to overcome Financial Struggles is to become a Millionaire” refers to Step 8.   For one $200 FREE MONEY investment the maximization ROI is $1 Million Dollars. The genius of the book is that the author brings hope to all who struggle paycheck to paycheck that they can make this a work at home job. Like the RICH, they use (OPM) to create new wealth by eliminating debt, paying off their mortgage, and establishing a working investment fund.   The author’s five free bonus gifts assist the reader greatly in becoming a “SUCCESS”.   They are simple, and easy to use. The reader fills them in, and presto has what they need to discover a winning number in the Daily Pick 4 in their State.    “Who wants to become a millionaire?”. . . . for FREE? Howie Mandell might say “YOU MADE A GREAT DEAL!” when you purchased this book. Available online at http://www. playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers. com/, this ebook is offered in downloadable PDF format.   Over 100 pages of strategic money making, easy to understand formulas can make the reader the American version of “Slumdog Millionaire”.   

Robert Walsh, author of “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers”, is the owner of several successful websites, including http://www. playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers. com. He is an Ezine article expert author and has written numerous articles providing consumers with tips and information on how to save and invest money for family needs for everyday family economic survival.