There is lots of expectation surrounding the new Motion controller for that Sony Playstation 3. The new controller is known as “Move” and is due shortly and also a range of new games specifically designed for the new controller. I have listed below with a short summary a few of these new games so you observe how Playstation Move games work with the controller.

Sports Champions

Should you by a Move controller this is the bundled games that you will get. There are lots of sports to try such as Ping pong, Swordfighting, Volleyball and Archery. This is a family fun type of game that actually showcases the wireless capabilities of the move controller. It’s more responsive compared to Wii and appears to connect to the console very fast. It uses bluetooth to make the connection.

TV Superstars

For those of you wanting to be the latest celebrity it Superstars game will fit you perfectly. The good thing is that there are 5 teaches you can take part in. You actually need a number of friends to experience this with as it is a real competition to see who becomes an “A” list superstar first.

Your dream

Next on this line up of Playstation Move Games may be the fighting game. This is not fighting through the Queensbury rules. You are able to fight anyway you want to using your movecontroller. I’m not a great fan of those fighting games but the freedom you receive using the Move certainly improves the gameplay. You forget that you’re playing and get fully involved quickly. It is exhausting.

Little Big Planet 2

The small Big Planet 2 game is definitely an adventure game that allows you to utilize the Move. You do not actually have to make use of the Move however it does add a new dimension towards the game. Since the game is customisable you are able to choose which actions are made using the new controller.

Start the Party

This is much like the Sports Champions but the games aren’t sports. Instead there is a range of weird and wacky games to experience for approximately 4 players at any given time. I;m unsure about the party tag but it’s a thrilling time. Not a solo game.

Brunswick Pro Bowling

This games finally adds a skill element to computer console bowling. I have found the hit and miss of previous bowling games a little annoying because the on screen result doesn’t always match your action using the controller. Like a Playstation move game you do have to play well to win. There’s also hidden parts of the games that you are rewarded with while you progress and improve you skill level.

There are many more Playstation 3 move games being released within the next couple of months which will make full use of the wireless controllers features.

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