It might be hard for you to believe but there are actually a lot of ways to increase your chances of winning the Missouri Lotto dramatically. The numbers in lotteries are always randomly drawn and there is no cheating going on in the drawings but if you would only carefully analyze the results of the past draws, you would be able to identify patterns that lead to the results. No matter how random the draws are, there are still patterns that you could follow to make sure that you have higher chances of getting the winning numbers. Since there are patterns, many lottery experts developed their own compilations of tips and strategies that deal with picking lottery numbers not just randomly but by carefully following a system. Some of these strategies involve having an equal mix of odd and even numbers in your selection. If you are one of the people who find it amusing to make an all odd or an all even number selection, then you are only constantly putting yourself in a disadvantageous position. Having that kind of number combination only yields a winning percentage of two to three percent, while mixing odd and even numbers could make you win by as much as 85%. The Missouri Lotto is the same as other lottery games. Though some of the rules and the allowed number choices may be different, this game could be won using the same way. You just have to know the right strategies and you would not have to spend your time making useless bets. Another strategy you could use is to mix high and low numbers in your selection. Do this by first defining which are the low and which are the high numbers. Divide the total Missouri Lotto numbers. The first half would be comprised of the low numbers and the second half would include the high numbers. Make sure that there is a 3/3 or 4/2 ratio of high and low and odd and even numbers in your selection to increase your chances of winning by a mile. The key to winning any lottery games including Missouri Lotto is to keep the game always balanced. You would be able to find out if you are playing a balanced game by adding all of your selected numbers up. There is a given allowable range for every state lottery and your Missouri Lotto picks should fall within the range that is suggested for Missouri. Having a sum that is higher or lower than the range would mean an unbalanced game and you will therefore have lesser chances of winning. To further increase your chances at the jackpot prize, you could use lottery wheels and join lottery pools. These, however, have drawbacks that could affect your game. The best way is still to play the game by yourself and follow an effective system in picking lottery numbers. There is no sure way to hit the jackpot every time but by following a strategy, you could almost regularly win the minor prizes.

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