The globe is slowly but surely headed for an energy crisis. The price spikes in oil, which were infrequent in the past are not only frequent now, it lasts for a long time. Due to this the cost of power generated has gone up and the buyer bears the brunt. Finding alternative energy sources is of primary importance and the more and more folks are turning to solar Power for their desires.

using photo voltaic Power makes eminent sense. The Sun has been with us for billions of years and our existence depends on the Sun. When the price of oil is low, the use of solar Power has been kept in cold storage or at the most limped alongside. With the price of oil remaining high and with no reduction in sight, solar Power is fast catching on as a source of energy. Due to increasing volumes there is a downward trend in price of photo voltaic Power systems. The technological innovation has also improved making solar Power systems much more effective.

One of the limiting components is that photo voltaic Power requirements lots of sunlight to work efficiently. An best location would be one in which there is daylight all year round. Even so, if the location gets between 300 to 325 days of sun it is best. On rainy days or if it is overcast then solar Power cannot be generated. sunshine and wind seem to have a sort of intertwined relationship. Though not always true, when sunlight dips, the wind speed increases. Therefore if a windmill is also added to generate power, then the mixed solar Power and Wind Power will give uninterrupted provide on most days. In properties which use solar Power only to lower energy charges, they can switch to grid power when insufficient photo voltaic Power is generated. When they generate excess photo voltaic Power they can feed it into the grid. The power company usually retains a tally of what is fed into or drawn from the grid and this is usually rolled over every single month. Once a year the account will be reconciled and settled. In some international locations, photo voltaic Power/Wind Power generated in one place can be fed into the grid and it can be drawn in another place. The power company will have a wheeling charge for this service.

How does photo voltaic Power work? How can it be stored? What are the equipments to be used? These are some of the natural questions that come to mind when we think of photo voltaic Power. photo voltaic Power is fundamentally converting sunlight into electricity. It is done directly employing Photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly working with concentrated photo voltaic power (CSP). CSP s use a system of contacts, mirrors and tracking methods to concentrate a massive area of daylight into a smaller beam, while Photovoltaics uses the photoelectric effect to convert sunlight into electric present. PV systems are used in littleer applications such as for powering a calculator or to power off grid properties utilizing a PV array. considering at night solar Power will not be available, storage devices have to be provided in the form of batteries. The battery will be charged during the day and will supply the needed power at night. given that photo voltaic cells produce direct latest, it fluctuates with the intensity of daylight. Therefore the DC power has to be transformed to AC by making use of an inverter. Multiple photo voltaic cells are connected together in modules and then wired together in an array which is then connected to an inverter. This produces AC power at the desired voltage and frequency.

Though the initial Capital cost may be comparatively high, the entire process has a lifespan from 25 to 40 many years and the cost of installation will be recouped in 10 to 12 years. considering the concern for the environment is increasing, many governments give incentives for working with photo voltaic Power.

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