One of the most famous lotteries in Europe is the Spanish La Primitiva. National Organization of Lotteries and Bets of Spain to organize the raffle, and a key advantage is the guaranteed minimum prize. It Jackpots have grown to 22 million! Otherwise, it is one of a lottery, whose name figures in most email scams worldwide. How to play: You should choose five numbers 1-54 and then select the sixth digits 0-9. If you match five numbers and the first installment of the sixth digit of the second tranche, you will get the jackpot. All prizes are paid in cash and draws take place every Thursday and Saturday at 9 am 30 pm. Technically, the chances of winning the jackpot are about 1: 13,983,816. La Primitiva related scams: La Primitiva recently been used in a vast Internet e-mail lottery scam. People sent letters to the email id won the jackpot. After the recipient was asked to pay a handling fee of millions winning the lottery. He said that in promoting the system, the organizers had used the names of people e-mail address and ask them to buy tickets. He was also invited to submit the recipient's bank details and other personal information. If the victim has decided to pay for, he was told by all sorts of charges than the agent or the administrative expenses and to give many excuses for the delay. Finally, operators of a scam just disappeared. La Primitiva development company has its own website, and although the results are sent to the media and the Internet, organizers claim that they never send emails. When the organizers have this opinion, some cheats and resulted in an innovative way to fool people. They went further by sending an e-mail that some confusion with the numbers previously published numbers to win. Fresh number of people receiving the award was born, and now e-mails sent as necessary to notify the holders of tickets and the winners! Where to buy tickets: Tickets can be purchased online or at kiosks. Most online retailers will help the winner collects the profits too. Before lottery tickets online, please read the rules of privacy protection on the ground and also to ensure that it is a known location, with good security features. Many sites offer real special features to promote their sites and can help you download the software. Some people want to experiment with the computer program of random numbers to select according to the number on the ticket. Eligibility: a striking feature of the La Primitiva lottery is that there must be a citizen of Spain to buy. It is one of the few international lottery conducted in Europe and has a huge list of buyers worldwide. All winnings must be La Primitiva is free, although tickets for buyers of more than 18 years before playing.

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