Robert Hong had a better chance of opening an oyster in his Kirkland Lake restaurant and finding a pearl than winning a lottery. But he did it. Twice. Win the lottery that is – not find a pearl. On Saturday, Hong discovered he had picked all six numbers in the Lotto 6/49 draw, giving him a $15 million jackpot. Just six months ago, he had a $340000 win with a friend. “I really couldn’t believe it,” Hong said after picking up his prize at the Toronto prize office on Tuesday. “To win again after such a short amount of time, I had to look at the numbers a few times and sit back and see that those were actually the winning numbers.” The odds of winning the top prize are about one in 14 million. The chances of winning twice are, well, astronomical. To compare, the website says the odds of a woman giving birth to quadruplets are 705000 to one, and the odds of finding that pearl are a mere 12000 to one. Hong has put in long hours operating his family-run, third-generation restaurant in the small Northern Ontario city. He says he’ll still run the restaurant but will cut back on his hours.