Professor Bruce C. Greenwald discusses his executive education course in value investing and what differentiates the practice from other investment strategies. “Most investors are constitutionally . . .



  • For those of you saying there’s no evidence value investing works, you should do some research. It’s been back tested and proven. It’s also the most consistently performing theory amongst top investors around the world. Just look at Warren Buffet’s success.As for the idea that this guy should be rich just because he is teaching investment strategies. Just because you know how to invest doesn’t mean you have the money to invest. You won’t retire early investing $20k let alone $5k without luck.

  • I did it and it works. Bought bank and real estate stocks with strong balance sheet and business model while the market was crashing. Doubled my net worth doing it and recovered all the previous losses and more. Seriously, patience and conviction are needed, but the thing pays off well.

  • I don’t see that much or if any “legitimate evidence” for this guy’s claim…

  • “if this guy is so smart, how come he’s still teaching and overweight?”And if yer so smart how comes U ant rich???haha classic!

  • how do you know i’m not rich? Bitch. ahhahahha, classic.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if you were. I’m well off myself, and it never ceases to amaze me how blinded my peers can become. Luck is the determinative factor that separates poor but hard working men from rich ones.Intellect comes in dead last.

  • Not that you sound terribly intelligent or unintelligent.

  • First, how do you know he is not rich (he is advising many funds, like berkshire hathway. Second, he was ill of his tyroids that is why he is fat.Be more respectful!

  • don’t tell me; tell mrzack888.I was defending the educator.

  • Um, you’ll work out if you want to get laid and not get made fun of.

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