Thanking you in advance for the answer to my question.

I am working in multi national company as software engineer and had been to USA on project with H1B Visa.
This company doesnot have a branch office at USA but send me to the client with their need for the solution on software project.

My friends in USA asking me to take up direct employment in USA with the present H1B visa status.

I could not find a solution from a person who has got the emploement directly with the H!b Visa of similiar case of mine.

My H!B Visa which I got apllied thro’ the present employer in India even though expires by 2009 oct., (which was thro’ Lottery)

Is this H1B visa will be valid after I resign from the company In India and whether I can Apply directly to US employer with this H1B visa for employment or this visa will be cancelled once I quit the Job from the Indian company.

Please help me in details the method to be followed.