Golf is a sport that encourages an obsession with perfection. Toward that end, both amateur and pro alike are always looking for something that will help them achieve that perfection. Enter hybrid golf clubs, a.k.a. utility clubs or rescue clubs. The best hybrid golf clubs do a wonderful job of capturing the advantages of an iron along with those of a fairway wood.

Pro golfers have not overlooked hybrid golf clubs either. Using a hybrid instead of an iron provides them a competitive advantage without cost. The pros cannot afford to pass up using a hybrid even though it was originally intended to appeal to the average amateur player. What is there to lose? You can use a hybrid anywhere you use an iron. This includes difficult lies where a fairway wood would be useless. The is no trade-off when moving to these clubs.

So who makes the best hybrid golf club? That depend on who you ask. For a top of the line club that the pros use, look at the Callaway Fusion Technology line. The FT-Hybrid, as the hybrid clubs from this product line are called, incorporate the VFT and H2S2 design technologies. VFT is a method of construction the club face so that it will be more tolerant of off-center hits without sacrificing distance and accuracy. Neat trick. H2S2 is a just their name for how they have been able to move a lot of the weight out of the hosel, allowing the center of gravity to be lower and deeper than would be possible otherwise. So it is not surprising that the Callawy FT-Hybrid was tapped as the best hybrid golf club by

Taylor Made Golf has the Rescue Dual TP Hybrid, which is a very respectable selection for a pro, but more competitively priced than the Callaway line. Despite the lower price, Taylor Made Golf knows what they are doing with regard to hybrids. In fact, they are the ones who originally marketed hybrid clubs under the ‘Rescue” moniker.

In the end you need to check these brands out for yourself. Both Callaway and Taylor Made manufacture a number of hybrid golf clubs models for a range of prices and player skill levels.