How it works:
Pick 6 numbers between 1-40.
First division = all 6 numbers present (in any order)

What are the odds with 10 sets of 6 numbers? How many possible sets of numbers exist?



  • It is 6C6 over 40C6
    Since order does not matter, use combinations. There are six chosen numbers and you need all 6 so that’s why 6C6 is on top, and 40 total of which you choose 6 so 40C6 on bottom. And technically since you said odds, subtract 1 from the bottom since odds is # of winners over # of losers

  • Pick any number between 1 and 40; you have 40 choices. Now for the second number, you have 39 choices left. For the third, you have 38 choices left…
    So your odds of picking THE right six number must be 1 in 40 x 39 x 38 x … ?

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