Age of Reckoning so entertaining to play, and so exciting, is it is rarely dependent on just clout alone. Battles are hardly ever won because you as well as your team has amazing gear or powerful artifacts. As an alternative, you are able to turn the tide around in WAR if you have a good method. Needless to say, having excellent weapons and armors nonetheless make a difference. Nevertheless, in the event you don’t use your head within the video games, you’ll find yourself in sticky scenarios more often than not. Get the war on-line phoenix gate scenario as an example, this really is one of WAR’s classic CTF or Capture the Flag situations. This Tier 2 scenario could have teams battling to get 500 points initial by means of flag captures or kills. The objective is simple in alone. Get the enemy’s flag and carry it back to your base. However, while you would discover in nearly all of WAR’s situations, absolutely nothing is actually what they seem.

For example, within this scenario, you cannot just rush in and grab your enemy’s flag. You’d have to divide your forces so that some gamers can guard your flag.

An additional factor, you can’t capture the enemy’s flag if your flag is lacking from your base. This adds yet another degree of problems since you must be conscious of one’s base and capturing the enemy’s flag. Lastly, whenever a flag runner is killed in the phoenix gate scenario, the flag resets for the base, which means you would have to retrieve it once again. Now, no level of armor or weaponry can alter these rules for you personally. So in the event you do not possess a great game plan, your bling blings wouldn’t be of a lot use. So what can you do to make sure that the battle is yours and you get the hefty XP factors? Right here are some ideas:

* Communicate with your team. Even though this really is important in all situations, communication plays an enormous part in the Phoenix Gate situation since not merely would you have to seize your opponent’s flag, you also must guard yours. Only good communication can assure that the two goals are met. An excellent thought could be to setup car commands making use of the /sc command that may deliver a message to your team immediately.

* Before the situation begins, you should already know who defends the flag or who tries to get the opponent’s flag. The defense faction need to run for the flag region and patrol it. Usually let them understand that kills are not as essential, simply because they might be tempted to run after fleeing enemies.

* For all those who will get the opponent’s flag, two factions can be produced. One faction can rush towards the center and engage the enemy. Another can take an alternate route and try out to sneak in and get the flag. Remind the flag runner that his only function is usually to get the flag and operate as fast as he can. The other players’ roles are to defend him and nothing else.

I wish this short guide for the warhammer on-line phoenix gate scenario can help you within your game. Keep in mind that excellent weapons are only as good since the bearer. So plan your attacks carefully and reap the rewards of the actions!

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