i saw a lady on tv win 2 million dollars. then a couple hours later me and a friend are in a bar/club and were drinking our beers and then the lady who won along with her family are all celebrating and in her hand is the big 2 million check the lotto gives its winners. do you think she was wrong to bring the check with her?



  • Well, to each his own. Seems to me the last thing you want to do is flaunt it. People who come into money that quickly don’t always know how to handle it. There are numerous stories of lottery winners who wind up broke within a few years. Personally i’d be sitting down with my accountant, my broker and my immediate family and figure out a definite plan for the future. Partying with my friends and family, Absolutely, but that check would be in a safe and secure place.

  • The big 2 million dollar check is a fake they give you a normal size state issued check when you win. The big check is just for show.

    I know if I won that kind of money I wouldn’t be telling anyone.

  • Yeah, the big check is for show. She would look silly if she brought that to the bank.

    You will look even sillier if you steal the big check from her. 🙂

    I would deposit it in the bank the instant I get it and then talk to an accountant.

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