I know all the stuff about a tax on people who are bad at math, but if I am determined to try to win a big jackpot(i.e. over $1million), what is my best tactic?

(I posted this in mathematics but those guys have no sense of humor, jeesh)



  • Take every penny you own, sell your house, your car, your clothes, the cat, and buy as many tickets as you possibly can…

  • The best tactic to win the jackpot is to buy lots of tickets. There is no special number combination that’s more likely to win than the others.

    However, considering that the people holding the lottery make more money from ticket sales than they pay out in prizes, the average ticket will lose you money. Thus, the best lottery tactic is to not play at all.

    If you must play, then buy just one ticket. Don’t consider it an investment, because it isn’t one. It’s a license to fantasize about how your life would change if you were rich, that’s all.

  • Play the same couple numbers every time and spend the same amount every time, as much as you can afford. So if you spend $20 everytime the lottery comes playing the same numbers, every time your chances increase.

  • Cheat it’s the only sure way to win.

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