I was wondering what are some of the safest ways to invest a lottery prize so that the money lasts long enough to pass some of it to my family? Assuming an $8 million dollar payout over 26 yrs, and indexed for inflation. I would obviously start by living within my means and not spending on things I don’t need. I am pretty disciplined financially so this would not be a problem.I am looking for low or guaranteed return on my money besides ,of course, putting it in the bank.



  • Real estate would be your best bet, except for the fact that California will eventualy break off and fall into the ocean or get nuked by the terrorists.
    You need to invest in some good real estate in an area that is just coming up. That way in a few years the property you spent, say 5 mil on, is now worth 10.
    Real estate is ALWAYS a good investment.

    Another way would be to buy a run down place in a good area and fix it up and make a loot. Flip a house. If you got money to play with the you can make a but load of mony in just a short time. Watch a few of those shows on TLC like Flip this House. They make bank.

  • send it to me,i can take all the worries out of the way you handle your money,trust me

  • I would get a lump sum. If you choose the payout over a certain amount of time and if you die before it is fully paid out your family members won’t be able to get any of it.

  • Open an IRA retirement fund. It’s very safe and you won’t have to pay as much back in tax money. I’d read into it.

    If you want some stock market tips, for a riskier (but higher reward) bet, check out http://www.thenetfool.com


  • This is a very tough question to answer without knowing more about you and what you want to accomplish. I have been giving financial advice for over 28 years… and I would NEVER tell someone what to do with that kind of money over the phone and/or over the Internet.

    Although there are very safe investments to choose from (other than bank accounts), such as: fixed annuities, equity indexed annuities, tax-free muni bonds, and U.S. government bonds (not savings bonds as their rates are incredibly low right now), my advice to you is to find a financial planner that you like and trust. That may mean having to interview 2 or 3 planners, but it important that you like their style and that you trust their advice. The best way to find a financial advisor is to talk to family and/or friends. Find out of any of them like who they work with and get a referral.

    Good luck!

  • check with a brokerage agent for details. talk to him about “mutual funds” they are safe but not as safe as government bonds. your local bamk also has a dept. that handles that sort of thing. mutual funds usually have a higher rate of return. on a mutual- if you leave the money in then they use the dividens earned each month and but you more shares but you can take any amount of money out whenever you want. i have mutuals

  • the best way is the fund earned along with important events and alubum be deposited in Pacific Ocean that will be much more safer deposit. some one at least after few centuries may exacavate and take a move like tatanic and you will have fame.

  • Penny stocks…low investment for a possible high return. Example…You watch a stock for a few weeks, read boards, watch the news…the stock looks good. It is selling for .50…buy 50,000 shares for $25,000. Hold onto it until it goes up…even if you sell at $1…you make $25,000 on top of your investment. If the stock reaches $10, which is a good possibility depending on the stock you invest in, you just made $475,000 after you subtract your initial investment. Just be careful when doing your research. $25,000 is more than a lot of people make in a year. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

  • Move to Nevada and stop paying CA income tax … that’d save you 8% off the bat …

    How much is that per year ? about 625k ?

    You’ll probably spend the first few years on a house and stuff … after that I’d put it into a 50/50 mix of bonds and stocks. I’d go with Vanguard and let them help you pick out a few funds.

    Make sure you hire a good tax person … they will be worth it.

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