I’ve been fine-tuning a system that shows an eye-popping and with promising potentials, to get at least 3 numbers right in the Mega Million lottery. Even though I haven’t won any significant prize amounts, I’m just turning the corner on a new discovery that I will test on the next drawing.

The numbers were “there” in my previous games-played but I didn’t pick it from an extremely small pool of numbers for each set of the 6 numbers of the Mega Million. I’m so confident that no one is doing it the way I’m doing. I have research many sites for number predictions and theirs are long, drawn out, and complicated methods. Mine, is embarassingly easy with several algotherim ( not sure of the spelling) that leads to few accurate numbers possibility for each set.

What would be the best way to market it when I finally have success and win as much as I can at first ?