I want to play lotto, and I just wanted to know is it better to pick some random numbers and just play them, or would it be beter to just get quick picks all the time? I dont realy have any lucky numbers to play, but i can play the numbers that accure the most in lotto, would that be better than a quick pick? Also does any one have any tips on winning?



  • keep guessing.


    and I will some day win the lotto ( in Cali )

    {keep hope alive my fellow broke man}

  • Many people play birthdates as their numbers so if you pick at least one of your numbers above 31 you will have a better chance of not having to split the winning prize with someone who picked the same winning numbers as you did.

  • If you live in the US, watch that show most people seem to win on quick piks

  • If a lottery is honest, the numbers are selected totally at random (ping pong balls in a hopper or by a computerized Random Number Generator, etc). Each drawing is totally random and in no way connected to the previous drawing. Since there is no “history” involved, no one has any way of selecting the winning numbers other than pure luck.

    Theoretically, it is “possible” for the same numbers to be drawn every time, although statistically unlikely.

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