I am just starting a new job at a pharmacy, similar to CVS, where there is the front of the store so i am not selling prescriptions. But i may have to sell cigarettes and lotto, like take five or something. How old do i have to be to sell those?



  • pretty sure its 18

  • You have to be at least 18 years old, and you should really card them so you don’t get into trouble

  • i don’t have any facts, but I would assume the age for doing that would be 18. if your 18, you are an adult and are legally responsible for your actions without a doubt. if you were 17 or 16, you could hide behind your age, even if you knew better, and your parents would rant and rave if you were accused of doing something wrong. that’s why the age of 18 is usually the cut-off point for hiring most people who handle serious things like alcohol, pharx-drugs, cigarettes, bank cashiers, etc.

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