Was it the state lottery? Which lottery was it? How often do you play? Was it a scratch & win or a printed # ticket? Have you won more money than you spent on lottery tickets? Will you play again?



  • Scratch off ticket. $40.00 . Play everynow and then.

  • florida scratch and win 25 dollars

  • none. every time i try. none.

  • I’m Canadian. I threw $5 in a VLT once and won $250. I scratched a Bingo ticket and won $50. That’s about it. Every once in awhile I win like $5 on a Bingo or Crossword. I play cuz it’s fun to scratch and win.

  • Never bought a ticket.

    So far, I broke even.

  • $25,000. Scratch off ticket. Honestly. It’s a lot more than I’ve spent on tickets. I barely ever play. But I do, from time to time.

  • I have won many times and twice up to $1000.00 on the video lottery. On scratch tickets I have won various amounts up to $250.00 that winning I believe on Lucky 7s. On printed tickets I have won various amounts up to $80.00 on Power Ball. I have played my fair share in the past. I have most certainly spent more than I have won over the course of time. If I was smart no but I’m sure that in the future I will play again.

  • Very seldom play. Don’t like the odds.

    I’ve not spent much, and have spent more than I’ve won.

    I think I won $2.00 on a scratch-off ticket once.

    When the Mega Millions lottery (printed # tickets) jackpot gets way up there (100’s of millions), I’ll spend a dollar or two, put I don’t keep track, so I usually don’t know what the jackpot is, anyway.

    Yeah, I’ll do it again from time to time.

  • 0 dallas waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • I have won $400.00 on one ticket and $100.00 on another in the same day. It was 1/13/95. Friday the 13th. Not so lucky this time.:(

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