What made the Deal or No Deal game a stand out among other game shows is that it includes the element of family and friends. Each contestant is asked to tag along as many family and friends who’d help the contestant pick up some numbers – especially when the contestant picked up some of the bigger amounts one after the other.  Even just being a mere viewer of Deal or No Deal game while at the comfort of your living room gives you the chance to share the aspiration of each contestant. Right at the start of the Deal or No Deal game, you’ll find yourself glued to your seats not wanting to miss on anything.You’ve probably seen an episode or two of Deal or No Deal game show over the television. Just like any game shows, Deal or No Deal is a symbol of hope. It is a chance to win huge amount of money that you wouldn’t even earn in 2 to 3 years salary. This is the reason why Deal or No Deal has become so overwhelmingly popular.  I would like to face new challenges.. so I want to participate in deal or no deal game show. kindly send me the procedure.