Why are people make such stupid decisions when they win the lottery? Like why would you tell anyone that you even won? Wouldn’t it be smart to find a dependable lawyer as well as a certified financial adviser? Why do I alway her of idiot lottery winners ending up broke or dead? Don’t they have any common sense? What would you do?



  • go to a strip club and make it rain

  • ill probaby just stay quit and hide my identity

  • i would, little by little, store money in the bank. And try 2 by tings that i never dremed of having!!

  • move to australia and have a good time

  • I’m going to buy the house and property I’ve had my eye on. Furnish it. Purchase the appliances I want. Put in indoor and outdoor st airlifts (don’t want to lug groceries and such up and down stairs.
    Re-fence the property to make it secure (also to keep my critters in and safe) Buy a cover for the pool.
    Either keep the quest house open for my sister if she decides to move onto the property or make it available for a good person (senior probably) to live in for very low rent. Furnish the bonus room with private entrance for possible living quarters for a person in need. (and one I know and trust and know if they were in the same financial situation, they’d do the same for me)

    Go car shopping to get my sister a new car (as hers has 250K) Give her $10K a year. (if you gift 10K a year no taxes)

    Buy cords of pressed logs for the two fireplaces and hire two friends to seal the outside of the house’s wood exterior. (that way they can make some money and keep them on retainer for future work)

    Buy a ride-on lawn mower. (place has 4 acres). Recode the entrance gate. New Alarm system in the house.

    Adopt 2 dwarf goats to help manage the lawn. Build a kennel and foster cats and dogs prior to being adopted out.

    Contract to have the house converted to mostly solar power.

    Donate to favorite charities.

    Keep my phone number unlisted.

    Contact a wealthy family in the area that I once worked for and get names of their financial lawyer/s. Them I can trust!

    Create a memory garden for loved ones that have passed away.

    Sink a safe in concrete and keep a good part of the winnings at hand. (banks I don’t trust, nor do I trust the economy)

    Set up an estate trust for when I’m gone to protect my money and either heirs or charities that will get the property.

    Then smile happily and light a fire in an outside patio fireplace and sit back and look at the wooded hills and wild life around me. 🙂

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