I have Avast running on my laptop (vista) & got a virus. The firewall notification came up & I just clicked X out of it & proceeded to the Anti-virus software to see what it was. It said there was threats/virus but had already quarantined the threat/virus. So all was supposed to be good… yet I am still getting a lottery pop-up every 45 minutes to an hour while online. When offline I still get the pop up (45min-1hr) but it is just a blank explorer window. The Avast says there is no threats but I know something is still there/going on. How can I detect it & full remove or really quarantine it?



  • That is a minor virus, but I believe it to be the type where it expands and becomes worse, and virus detectors can’t really solve it. If I am correct, you have two options:

    1) System Restore. You can restore to an earlier date. Windows should automatically create checkpoints. Some viruses disables all of this, smart bastards. And it doesn’t always work. In this case, your next option would be:
    2) System Reformat. Save all of your stuff that’s important, wipe your hard-drive, and re-install Windows.

  • Try this before restoring your system.
    Download spybot and scan your system with that.
    Download malwarebytes anti-malware and scan your system with that.
    Download spyware blaster and immunize your system.
    Try those three things before doing anything drastic you might be able to remove the threat.
    If you go to downloads.com you can enter these programs in the search window and it will give you the downloads.
    Hope this helped.

  • I would download Malwarebytes and see if that can detect and remove the virus. You can find a detailed article on removing viruses with free software @ http://www.johnwaddy.com/spyware-removal/free-spyware-removal-tools.

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