When I buy the scratch off ticket in the store it very hard to win I from NY and from Brooklyn what part of ny you could win more often in scratch off ticket everytime i scratch off a ticket i don’t win big i win small i win up to $15 dollars I don’t know I should buy the scratch off ticket in a white neighborhood or in a rich area for me to win big money?



  • it doesen’t matter where u live in NY, they randomly distribute the tickets so everyone has an equal chance. i always play the scratch offs and i have never hit big (i live upstate). Maby u just have bad luck.

  • Maybe you have to keep playing for years you will probably win something big

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    I work in a convenience store and I sell lottery tickets (including scratchers) on a regular basis.

    From what I know, all the SCRATCHERS game have the SAME odds of winning in each and every store because the packages are made in the SAME places (& distributed throughout your region).

    So the odds of the games are same in EACH city. The city doesn’t matter. What matters is the SCRATCHER game you play.

    Generally, the cheaper games ($1 or $2 games) have worst odds while the more expensive scratchers games (like $3 & $5 games) have BETTER odds of winning.

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