I’ve yet to hear of any examples, which makes me question the true abilities of a true “psychic”. But I am open if you have any links atall to show.
Brian (gay man’s name)
and Nearlyfond, you failed to answer my question, instead, you chose to hate on it. Congratulations.



  • maybe its because a psychics ability are based on feeling and cant decide to see one particular instant in time?
    or, because of fate, they cant change the future by going and buying the winning ticket?
    or because theyre faking it?
    you decide 😀

  • Good question. I remembered I asked this a long time ago. I can vaguely remember her response, but it was something to the effect that the lottery is machine/computer operated. There is no human/spiritual way to read the number. Which is another type of smoke and mirrors game.

  • It would depend on what type of psychic you speak of: Authentic or merely fake.

    The fake psychics, often those who make it big with daytime television, are not “psychics” per se. They use a whole range of techniques to allegedly predict the future of a client. One way is by cold-reading, where you point out and prognosticate the obvious from the clothing your client is wearing, or pick out other “subtle obvious” details such as ethnicity, culture, accent and current income. Pretend you come to me, and you are currently wearing a hoody, baseball cap, a large gold ring on your finger and use a lot of slang within your speech. You ask me what the future holds for you. I do the ritual, moving my hands over that crystal ball. From what you are wearing, the probability is extremely high that you are interested in rap and its musicians. I will then say something along the lines of ” the spirit tells me [breathing heavily], that you are to make it big in the entertainment industry”. Noticed I said entertainment industry rather than “rap industry”. Fake psychics are known for their ambiguity and vagueness, but their skills lie heavily in making it appear as if the details they have is hard-hitting and pertinent.
    Another technique is by letting the client do most of the talking, which is done by asking the client questions and then extracting details from the answers of that question and making it appear as if some spiritual entity is sending me a message. There are many more techniques that these psuedo-psychics use, and with their fake abilities, it is quite clear that they could not predict a winning number, let alone what I’m going to eat next.

    The authentic psychics on the contrary are not out to make money. Many adamantly believe that their qualities have been endowed by a spiritual entity for the greater good. Yes, some do have certain leeway, such as helping out the police or government authorities (the US government, I believe if I remember correctly, constantly employed psychics during the Cold War to grasp what the USSR was doing), but apart from that, money is not their goal, just as how a numerous amount of social workers, doctors, teachers among others, are not there to “make money” – they enjoy what they do, and love to see the good results from what they do. Psychics are no different.

    And apart from that, predicting the winning number for the lottery has the same probability of predicting where and when lightning will strike. Surely, even the best psychics will have trouble predicting that, right?

  • I think they cant concentrate what is not certain but luck.
    They seem more related with the ritualistic events and human.

    It mean they dont claim of being a god but they have limits.

  • are you for real?

    there are no psychics!! people what is the matter with you?? you’d believe just about anything.

    Also this has nothing to do with philosophy whatsoever, Yahoo Answers desperately needs a BS section.

  • wow. I just ditto nearlyfond’s answer. What are you people thinking? And this has nothing do to with philosophy whatsoever.

  • They have ethics

    unlike politicians!!!

  • because they have no psychic powers and they are either schizophrenics or fraudsters to make bucks by cheating gullible people.

  • You know what I’ve always wondered?…….Why do you have to make an appointment with a psychic??

    If they’re effing psychic…don’t they know you’re coming???

  • Because there not real…

  • I heard because they can’t do anything to help themselves

  • LOL If I was psychic I would live in a casino.

  • Zarathustra the überdude

    October 20, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Those that are real psychics would be using their powers for personal gain,something I would think is looked down on. Fake psychics have no clue. They are frauds.

  • they cant because that will abusing their powers if they have

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