Football gear serves to protect many parts of the body of the football player no matter what. Football gear is made of lightweight material designed to absorb intense impact. Football gear consists of a uniform, a helmet, shoulder pads, a protective cup, mouth guards, and thigh and knee pads. At higher levels of the sport there is additional football gear, all designed to protect the player and make the sport as safe as possible.

Foam protective equipment on various parts of the body is required by football rules. Upper Body, helmet and shoulder pads are protective equipment required by football rules. Rib and core protection such as a flak jacket is optional protective equipment, and consists of soft foam padding to absorb the impact of hits to the ribs. Having your own equipment that is fitted for you and that you feel comfortable wearing could make a difference in a game

When you are looking at football gear it is important to consider the position or team player that you need the equipment for. This means that you should also keep in mind the things that you will need for practice sessions as well since some of the gear is a little different. You will may also want to consider gear like football gloves for extra protection and grip on the ball (make sure they are designed for football, some brands to look for would be Nike, Adidas, Reebok). Also highly recommended is a sports duffel bag for carrying all of your gear. Lastly, don t forget to get the most important part of the football gear, the ball.

Your football gear keeps you protected, and good equipment will allow you to focus on your game without being distracted by bulky or poorly performing gear.

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