They say that with the economy so bad people may be unemployed for a while, so what happens to people who plays the lottery and win. Do they not win their money. Also for rich people, are they still rich or are they loosing their money to with this economy problem.



  • Lottery jackpots are based on the number of tickets already sold, until someone finally wins. Winners can either take an immediate payout. Or receive their winnings over a number of years. For those who elect to receive their winnings of a number of years the money is put into an annuity by the lottery commission which pays out the winnings each year. Sales of lottery tickets and the size of eventual jackpots may be influenced by the economy, but payout of the jackpots arent. They are virtually guaranteed.

  • With the way this economy is going, dollar will be dumped so all the lotto winnings will be good for not buying toilet paper!

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