The Secret to Making Plenty of Gold for Mage Class Characters

In World of Warcraft, you will have a chance to play different characters. Each character is unique and that you can make it even more unique by personalizing it according to your preferences. If you chose the Mage Class character in this game, then you are in for a great treat.

First of all, you have to remember that getting gold is considered to be one of the most important things that you need to do in World of Warcraft. With gold, you will get to buy the items your character needs in order to level up faster as well as complete quests easily. Gold will also enable you to go training to improve your character and learn some new skills. It can also be used to learn different kinds of professions that can get you to earn some money or even acquire rare and highly in demand items.

If you chose a Mage Class character in World of Warcraft, then you will see that your magic will enable you to get rich at a much faster rate than any other characters in World of Warcraft can.

A great ability of the Mage character is that it has the ability to lure mobs almost as much as they want. This can be highly profitable as you can kill as much mobs as you want and get the items they drop including gold. In addition to that, the Mage character can also do some area damage that no other character classes can. If used smartly, this kind of ability will be beneficial for you to make huge amounts of gold.

The Mage Class character in World of Warcraft can do Area of Effect damage. This is very effective especially if the mob is grouping up on your character. This means that you don’t have to target individual enemies. With this ability, you can do multiple damage to numerous mobs all at the same time. This is very a very powerful ability, which can eventually make you tons of gold in no time at all.

So, just where should you use this to get the maximum profit?

For Mage Class characters, you may want to try the Nagrand in the Outlands. Here, you will find Voidspawns, which drop Mote of Shadows and Motes of Fire. Stock up on these drops and you will end up getting Primal Shadow and Primal Fire. You may want to keep in mind that each Primal Shadow you get can be sold at about 30 gold or even more. In World of Warcraft, this is definitely a lot.

The Torokkar Forest around the Allerian Stronghold is also another place that you should go to if you are a Mage Class character. Here, you will want to take out two creatures, which are the Warp Stalker and the Basilisks. The Warp Stalker will give you Warped Flesh. Now, if you’re smart, you should get the skinning profession as you can skin the Basilisks and get some Knothide Leather which is very valuable in the World of Warcraft. Just make sure that you get some big bags in order for you to have big room to place all the drops from your fallen enemies.

These are just some of the places where you can really make your Mage character profit. As you can see, the Mage Class character is definitely a great character where you will be able to make plenty of gold. If used properly, you will eventually earn enough gold, which can make leveling up and completing quests easier.

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