Super SIZED 20 number Lottery Ticket consisting of 38,000+ Tickets form the Most Massive Combination Lottery Ticket EVER!
Created with the Winmore Lottery Ticket Sequence Generating Program at win. . .



  • now thats what i call wasting paper

  • @Callanizy for more money to win that is lol

  • i won 100 befor i love the lottery

  • you do know that there is still another 28 balls in a 6/49 game which have not been seleted, if these numbers great drawn there you will win nothing.

  • hmmm a 20 number lottery ticket – wtf? can you imagine the ods of winning with 20 numbers, that’s sick and i’m not a freaking gambler but its worth some cash to win like major loot. And it prints to the tickets too! wtf!?

  • This is an awsome system. I have been a regular player/subsciber with Winmore for 1 month and have won $1400.00 playing smaller lotteries. I will soon move up to a bigger lottery pool and bigger lottery wins. This system is the real deal.

  • where and when is this happening? how does it work? I’m in!

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