Compensation Disclosure

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This website features products that have been researched and that we feel provide the best quality products and services to the referrals that come from this website. In order to run and maintain a website that provides reviews to you, there are costs associated. For example, hosting, research, time to edit the website, marketing, and so on.

The website owner’s opinion regarding products or services featured, may be partially formed (consciously or subconsciously) in part based on the fact that this website owner has been compensated or will be compensated because of the website owner’s business relationships with the companies featured. The type of compensation received by this website owner may vary. In some instances, this website’s owner may receive complimentary products, services, or money from a Provider. In other instances, the website owner may receive a monetary commission or non-monetary compensation when you take action based on the content of this website. This includes, but is not limited to, when you purchase a product or service from a company listed, or after clicking on an affiliate link on this website.

The owner of this website, has taken the time to bring you top quality products and services and also, has taken into account, the support that you might receive from these providers. If you need help, or have any questions regarding the products featured, please post your questions through the contact us page, before purchasing any product or agreeing to any terms. You may also visit the service provider page and submit your questions to them.