If you play one of the big lotteries around the world, you know you have the chance to win millions if you hit the jackpot. Just get all 6 numbers and you’re financial troubles are over! You’re a millionaire

But if you love your lotto, you know deep down that the chances of winning the big jackpot are astronomical, so the best you’re going to get the majority of times you win is 3 or maybe 4 numbers on a one of your lines. Depending on which lottery you play, the payout on 3 or 4 numbers can be pretty low, and in most cases you get nothing at all if you have just 1 or 2 numbers.

Playing Lotto 49’s gives you a better chance of winning

Winning numbers in your lotto selection 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of Use OFFER LINKS
WILLIAM HILL (BILLY) £7 £54 £601 £8001 £150001 4.5/5 Special Offers
LADBROKES (LADDIES) £7 £54 £601 £8001 £150001 3.5/5 Special Offers
BETFRED (FREDDIES) £7 £61 £701 £10001 £150001 3.5/5 Special Offers

The UK National Lottery pays you £10 for 3 numbers and for four numbers, it all depends how many other players also had 4 numbers. On a good day, you might get £30 or £40 for 4 numbers on the UK National Lottery.

Did you know that a some of the major bookmakers in the UK offer their own lottery version called LOTTO 49’s? They will even pay out if you get just 1 number. Their payout rates differ but you have a much better chance of winning SOMETHING playing lotto 49′ than you have playing the National Lottery.


How does Lotto 49’s Work Then?


Lotto 49’s is organised by an independant company called 49s LTD who are based in London. They organise all the draws and publish all the results. Bookmakers take bets on the 49’s lotto draws from their customers and they will then pay them any winnings.

Lotto 49’s daily draws

Every day in the morning and the afternoon, they draw 6 lotto numbers plus a 7th ball.  When you play, you can opt to play the 6 number draw and the 7 number draw. Because your chances are better when you play all 7 numbers, you get smaller odds. We explain this all a bit later.

But, the interesting thing is that different bookmakers will pay different odds so it really pays to shop around. We have done some research for you and list the top 3 bookmakers in an easy to read table so you can see at a glance which one gives the best value for money.

Placing a bet on a lotto 49’s draw

When you play the 49’s lotto, you are placing a bet with the bookmaker. Say you want to bet that 2 numbers will appear in the 6 (or 7) lotto numbers that are drawn. You can place what ever stake you like on that bet and if those 2 numbers appear in the daily 49’s draw, you will win a fixed amount from the bookmaker.

So for example, William Hill would pay you £54 for 2 numbers, whereas Coral would pay you  £58. The differences are sometimes even bigger with 3 numbers. For example, BetFred will pay £701 for 3 numbers compared to Ladbrokes who pay £601. Ladbrokes also have their own payout levels. That’s why it pays to shop around for the best odd.

Our comparison table shows you the differences, and we also have some combination bets to suggest to you where you can cover several numbers and increase your chances of winning even more. We will be updating the comparison table shortly along with details of special welcome bonus offers that some bookmakers offer new customers.

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