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Check now to see if you would have won the UK Lottery!

Thousands of people started doing the UK National Lottery when it started back in 1994. They chose their favourite numbers and filled in their tickets. They joined lottery syndicates and paid their subscriptions every week just hoping and praying their numbers would come up.

But as time went by, they gradually realised the chances of them winning big were very small and so they gave up and stopped putting the lottery on each week.

They made the painful decision to leave their work lottery syndicates and started to hope and pray their number would never come up.

Well, if you are one of those people who played numbers every week, or left a syndicate you can now check those numbers in an instant and see whether you would have had any big winners.

If you have the courage, why not give it a go. Just enter your 6 numbers here and hit the CHECK button, cross your fingers and wait!.

Go on I dare you 🙂

Enter your 6 Lotto Numbers in the form below and click the button to see if you would have won

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