Left a Lottery Syndicate – what happens

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A Lottery Syndicate is a great idea when it comes to increasing your chances to win a lottery prize. A typical syndicate will have around 20 members each paying say, £5 a week. That means each week they will have something like £100 to stake. That enables the syndicate to place several lines taking some banker numbers to help increase chances of winning.

There are loads of strategies for playing specific number patterns with lotteries and although there is no guarantee any number selected will come up, it does increase wins IF one or two of the banker numbers come up.

If you’re interested in finding about about these different systems, there are plenty available on Amazon to try. If you’re in a syndicate, I suggest pooling together to buy a book or two so the individual cost comes down to pennies. Or pay for the book out of winnings.

Any syndicate has to be carefully managed. Before starting one off, draw up a lottery syndicate contract, specify the rules, the numbers, and the members. State when members must pay by, and what happens when they leave the syndicate. Also cover what happens when someone new joins.

For example, a good idea is to divide any winnings out after a person leaves and only accept a new member when there is a space,

Obviously, since the rewards are split between players, the profit are low; in any case, as you play they gather to give you a significant aggregate over a period. An syndicate likewise opens up different options of winning, for example, a multi-line or pattern system, and different games and rewards that are on offer occasionally.

Work syndicates are a great idea and I have heard some small employers hate them because if his workers win the lottery the chances are they will all resign leaving him with a reduced workforce. So if you are an employer – bear this in mind.

If you leave a Lottery Syndicate, and you worry that you might have missed a big win, you can use our tool to check your lottery numbers against past draws – if you are brave enough. Most likely it will tell you how much you have saved!