William Hill Lottery Review

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Pretty much everyone has heard of the National Lottery where you can play for a £1 stake and have the chance of winning a few million pounds, but let’s face it, the reality is that you probably won’t win. You need to have 3 numbers to win £10 and get nothing if you have one or two numbers on the day of the draw.

If you enjoy playing the National Lottery, then think about trying 49s at www.williamhill.com. William Hill have introduced their own version of a lottery game where the chances of winning a prize are much better.

You simply choose 5 numbers between 1 and 49 and then specify how much you want to stake on that line. They run two draws each day so you have plenty of opportunity to have a flutter. You can play as many lines as you like and choose your own stake.

All you have to do is open a free account with William Hill and you can manage everything online. You can even access your account from your smartphone or tablet so you can check how much you’ve won while on the move.

The beauty of playing 49s at www.williamhill.com is the prize structure. If you have just one winning number on your line you get 7 times your stake back. If you have two numbers you get 54 times your stake. So if you stake £1 and have two numbers, you’d win £54. When you compare that to the National Lottery, you’d get absolutely nothing back for two numbers.

If you have three numbers on a line with William Hill’s 49s, you get 601 times your stake. With the National Lottery you’d win £10 for three numbers. So would you rather win a £10 or £601?

With the William Hill lottery, four numbers wins you 8001 times your stake and five numbers a massive 150001 times your stake.

When you compare this to what you can win when playing the National Lottery, you can see it makes more sense to play the 49s lottery. Even if you get 4 numbers on the National Lottery, the chances are you’d only win between £40 and £100. With William Hill, you’d win a guaranteed £601 for the same £1 stake.

Because the odds are fixed with William Hill, you know exactly how much you can win regardless of the number of winning numbers you have. With the National Lottery it all depends on the number of people who have the same numbers as you.

People persist in playing the National Lottery in the hope they’ll win the big jackpot, but most people know it will never happen. They would be much better to play the 49s game from William Hill as they would be more likely to win something more frequently.